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Religious Freedom Schools

Queensland anti-discrimination law changes to affect religious schools

New laws making it harder for religious schools to sack LGBTQ+ teachers and staff living out of wedlock will be introduced in Queensland by the end of the year. Source: The Australian.

Religious Freedom

Freedom of religion ‘a precious asset that must be protected’

Few human rights are as fundamental as the right to practise one’s faith yet it’s one people have to work hard to defend, according to federal MP Andrew Wallace. Source: Catholic Voice.

Religious Freedom

Bishops outline dangers in proposed discrimination reforms

Senior bishops have warned law changes proposed by the Australian Law Reform Commission would prevent Church schools from being authentically Catholic, arguing they would discount the rights of people with a religious faith. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

HIgher Education Religious Freedom

Conference debates religious freedom and the role of the state  

Religious liberty, freedom of conscience and the challenges of state and religious organisations in finding a balance that will prove beneficial to all were debated at the University of Notre Dame Australia’s annual Religious Liberty Lecture and Conference. 

New South Wales Religious Freedom

Gay conversion ban won’t impinge on religious freedom: Minns

Faith leaders have secured a bipartisan commitment to be able to pray and preach on matters of sexuality under proposed laws banning gay conversion therapy, after NSW Labor leader Chris Minns vowed to protect their rights. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Education Religious Freedom

Religious education fears fall on deaf ears

A letter from Australia’s most senior religious figures expressing “deep disappointment” with the Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into religious schools “had very little impact” on the thinking of the inquiry’s commissioner. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

New South Wales Religious Freedom

Banning gay conversion therapy will not affect religious freedoms: Perrottet

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet has promised not to ban prayer or preaching as part of laws to be introduced in the next Parliament to end so-called gay conversion therapy. Source: The Guardian.

Opinion Religious Freedom

Culture of faith-based schools ‘must be protected’

The public release of a letter signed by the leaders of all major faith traditions addressed to the federal Attorney-General has reignited the debate on religious freedoms in this country, writes Mark Fowler. Source: The Australian.

Education Politics Religious Freedom

Labor ‘deaf to concerns of people of faith’

Opposition legal affairs spokesman Julian Leeser has demanded Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus “wipe the slate clean” on an Australian Law Reform Commission review into discrimination in religious schools. Source: The Australian.