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United States

Local bishops offer prayers for victims in Kansas City shooting

Two local bishops offered prayers for victims after a shooting left one person dead and more than 20 people injured at the conclusion of the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade on Ash Wednesday. Source: NCR Online.

Prayer Sport United States

Catholic prayer app hopes to kick goal at Super Bowl

The Catholic prayer app Hallow announced that its first-ever NFL Super Bowl commercial will air in the United States during the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers today. Source: CNA.

United States

US bishop says border security shouldn’t come at expense of humanity

A Texas bishop has told US lawmakers that the “right and responsibility” to manage the border should not come at the expense of humanitarian protection. Source: Crux.

Arts and Entertainment United States

Catholic University to auction Wizard of Oz dress

The Catholic University of America is set to auction the legendary blue gingham checkered dress worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, after a court ruling greenlit the auction. Source: OSV News.

United States

Bishops urge US to cut military spending 

A group of 18 bishops has signed a letter calling for the United States to cut military spending and instead invest in ending poverty. Source: NCR Online.

United States

Mass at California church interrupted by armed police pursuit

The celebration of Mass at a southern California parish was interrupted by an armed police pursuit of a suspected gunman on Tuesday morning. Source: CNA.

Religious Freedom United States

US bishops warn of major threats to religious liberty

After a year of renewed attacks on churches and religious centres, the United States bishops said in a new report that attacks on houses of worship constitute the “largest threat to religious liberty in 2024” and could threaten “the very lives of people of faith”. Source: CNA.

Death Penalty United States

­­­­ ‘Renewed momentum’ in the US to end capital punishment

Five years after Pope Francis updated the Catechism of the Catholic Church to clarify the Church’s teaching on the death penalty, there is “renewed momentum” in the United States to end the practice, a leading Catholic activist said. Source: OSV News.

United States

Suspect arrested after US priest killed in stabbing attack

A Catholic priest in Nebraska died on Sunday after being stabbed at a parish rectory. Police have identified a suspect. Source: CNA.