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More than 30 per cent of New South Wales residents rent (Bigstock)

Catholic Social Services Australia has welcomed plans by the New South Wales Labor to allow almost one million renters in the state to transfer their bonds from one property to the next in a major cost-of-living initiative.

The policy plan, announced yesterday by Opposition Leader Chris Minns ahead of the NSW State election in March next year, also includes tighter rules around evicting tenants without reasonable grounds.

Catholic Social Services Australia chair Francis Sullivan said the election commitment would make it easier for low-income earners to move house as rents in Sydney continue to skyrocket and accommodation costs in regional areas balloon.

“With more than 30 per cent of NSW residents renting, any proposal that can reduce the cost of moving and protect people from being evicted is welcome,” Mr Sullivan said.

“This is the sort of initiative that should be looked at by other state and territory governments,” Mr Sullivan said.

Under the plan, the NSW Rental Board would allow a bond to be transferred directly to another property and landlords would need to give minimum notice to tenants vacate a property to end a lease.

Michael Coffey, Executive Director of Catholic Social Services NSW/ACT, said having a home is a basic human right.

“Yet there is an increased demand for affordable and social housing, affordable rental properties, and ultimately homelessness support services in NSW, which will be exacerbated by the current period of increased burden of housing stress and living costs.

“We support all cost-of-living initiatives, such as the measures proposed by NSW State Labor, which could ensure certainty of tenure and ease the financial burden,” he said.


NSW State Labor commits to protecting tenants as rents skyrocket (CSSA)