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A NSW Police campaign against hate crime will focus on social media (Bigstock)

A new education campaign aims to reduce hate-motivated crimes and incidents in New South Wales by encouraging more victims and survivors to come forward and report to police. Source: SBS News.

New guidelines and training are being provided to police officers after the development of the new NSW Police strategy, following two years of consultation with community groups.

The campaign will include animated videos, posters, cards, and pamphlets displayed in police stations, government and council offices, and local businesses. The printed items will be available in five languages other than English, including Arabic, Hindi, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.

The launch comes amid a rise in hate-motivated crimes and incidents recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that number is believed to only capture 25 per cent of what’s happening in the community.

NSW Police said in recent months that there has been an increase of one hate crime reported per day.

An anecdotal rise in cases in the last three years has also been voiced by community leaders from Asian, Indigenous, Jewish and Muslim groups, triggering calls for a national anti-racism strategy.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton said on Thursday research showed only 25 per cent of hate crime victims sought police assistance. The campaign would encourage more people to come forward, he said.

“NSW is a diverse collection of communities, and we all need to make it clear that we do not tolerate or accept crimes or incidents based on bias or hate,” he said.

The guidelines issued  to NSW Police officers state a hate crime is “a crime motivated by hate, prejudice or bias towards people because of their identity or perceived difference”.

Examples include motivating factors in crime based on race, religion or faith, ethnicity, sex or gender, disability, homelessness, or age.

Assistant Commissioner Walton said the campaign aims to target “the petri dish of hate” on the internet and social media.


‘Petri dish of hate’: Why more Australians are being urged to report this type of crime (By Biwa Kwan, SBS News)