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Krishnadevi Aneesh and Aneesh Kollikkara, pictured with their two children, face deportation (SBS News)

A Perth family facing deportation because their child has Down syndrome is pleading with Immigration Minister Andrew Giles to intervene in the case. Source: SBS News.

Aneesh Kollikkara and Krishna Aneesh have been told they have less than two weeks to leave Australia, after their application for permanent residency was rejected because their 10-year-old son Aaryan is deemed a burden on the taxpayer.

The couple has been in Australia for seven years, having moved from India, meaning their two children — Aaryan and 8-year-old daughter Aaryasree — have spent the vast majority of their lives here.

The couple applied for permanent residency in February 2020, and received a rejection in mid-2021. Their final avenue for appeal was rejected last month, with the pair told they had 35 days to leave the country with their children.

They lodged a letter with Mr Giles last week urging him to intervene, the last remaining avenue for them to stay in the country. The immigration minister has broad powers to intervene in individual matters, as the Labor Government previously did in the case of the so-called Biloela family.

Both of Aaryan’s parents work in critical industries – Ms Aneesh is a cyber security expert and his father, Mr Kollikkara, is in telecommunications. 

A spokesperson for the Home Affairs Department said Mr Giles did not comment on individual cases, but was aware of the matter.

People With Disability Australia treasurer Suresh Rajan, who is representing the family, lodged the letter on their behalf.

“You cannot think in terms of human beings in monetary terms, saying: this child is a burden to the taxpayer. Where is the humanity?” he said.


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