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Archbishop Peter A Comensoli with Mary Glowrey’s grand nephew and nieces at the launch of the Mary Glowrey Circle (Melbourne Catholic/Fiona Basile)

Awareness of the life and legacy of Servant of God Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ continues to grow with the recent launch by Archbishop Peter A Comensoli of the Mary Glowrey Circle. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

Held at the Mary Glowrey Museum in Fitzroy, the launch provided an opportunity to further celebrate and acknowledge the significant contribution of the pioneering medical missionary and the collection of items that help keep her story alive.

Dr Sr Mary Glowrey JMJ (1887-1957) was a Victorian-born and educated doctor. In January 1920, she went to Guntur in India, where she became a religious Sister and spent the rest of her life there, serving the medical and spiritual needs of the most marginalised people.

In officially launching the Circle, Archbishop Comensoli reflected on Mary Glowrey’s life, both in Melbourne and abroad, commenting that hers “was a life filled with extraordinary faith, hope, love and compassion”.

Mary Glowrey Museum curator Fiona Power said the “Mary Glowrey Collection is distinctive in that it documents the life and times of a remarkable Australian here and in India, and her legacy. And that legacy today benefits millions of people, many of them among the most marginalised”.

“The collection has historic and social and spiritual significance. Its value, meaning and importance for people and communities can be described in terms of the rarity of it, the condition, the capacity for interpretation and the provenance of items in it.

“And the items in this collection offer rare insight into the motivation and character of one being officially considered for sainthood.”

Dr Sr Mary Glowrey’s cause for canonisation opened in 2010 and is progressing.

“The purpose of the Mary Glowrey Circle is to make sustainable the tasks that are necessary to protect and catalogue and enable greater access to this archive,” Ms Power said. “The Mary Glowrey Circle will connect what’s been done up till now with the needs of the future.’

The Circle provides an opportunity for people to financially commit as members or sponsors, allowing them to contribute to the work of preserving and promoting the collection. 



Mary Glowrey Circle strengthens legacy of pioneering doctor sister (By Fiona Basile, Melbourne Catholic)