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Asia History

Historians discover 17th-century Japanese letter to Pope

A research team from Japan has discovered a letter from 17th-century Japanese Catholics to Pope Paul V, making it the first artifact of its kind found outside the Vatican. Source: UCA News.

History Interfaith

Concerns about anti-Semitism raised at Holocaust remembrance service 

Adelaide’s religious and community leaders used the annual Remembrance of the Shoah service in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral to raise concerns about increasing anti-Semitism while warning of the dangers of staying silent. Source: The Southern Cross.


Holocaust museum for Brisbane’s Cathedral precinct

Bert Klug, a 100-year-old Holocaust survivor, was on hand as the Queensland Government announced that a Holocaust Museum and Education Centre will open in the grounds of Brisbane’s St Stephen’s Cathedral precinct. Source: The Catholic Leader.


Catholic precinct comes alive with walking tour app

Anyone with a mobile device can now explore the rich cultural and historical treasures within Melbourne’s inner-city Catholic precinct using a new walking tour app. Source: Melbourne Catholic.


Goulburn’s Old Cathedral reveals more hidden treasures

In the final stages of the restoration of Sts Peter and Paul’s Old Cathedral in Goulburn, more historic treasures have come to light. Source: About Regional.