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Archaeology History

Crusader treasure ‘hiding in plain sight’

Researchers have unearthed a Crusader-era altar in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre in a serendipitous discovery that sounds straight out of an Indiana Jones plot. Source: CNA.


Jubilee excavation works uncover Roman treasures

Excavations on Vatican Radio’s doorstep have uncovered significant remains, some dating as far back as the first half of the 1st century AD, including the remains of a portico overlooking the Tiber and large gardens belonging to Emperor Caligula. Source: Vatican News.

History Vatican

Carbon dating sheds light on tunics claimed to belong to apostles

Once shrouded in history and legend, the so-called tunics of St Peter and St John the Evangelist have been subjected to a full restoration and carbon-dating analysis by experts at the Vatican Museums. Source: Sight Magazine.

Appointment History

Fr Brian Lucas to lead Catholic historical society

The Australian Catholic Historical Society elected Sydney priest Fr Brian Lucas as its new president at its annual general meeting on Sunday. 


Leap of faith: Easter’s role in the development of leap year

The leap year is a well-known quirk in the Gregorian calendar by which much of the world organises itself, but the part played by the Church’s Easter celebrations in the development of the leap year is less known. Source: Melbourne Catholic.

History Vatican

Vatican Museums expand access to necropolis

In the month Catholics traditionally honour the dead, the Vatican Museums opened a new entrance to an ancient necropolis where carved marble sarcophagi sit near open graves filled with bones. Source: CNS.

History United Kingdom

Crucifix of priest executed after Gunpowder Plot goes on display in UK convent

A crucifix that once belonged to a priest executed after England’s notorious Gunpowder Plot is on display in the country’s oldest operating convent, in the northern city of York. Source: Crux.

Architecture History

Sr Anne, 92, heads campaign to save Tiwi Islands church

Sr Anne Gardiner OLSH has one wish while she’s still alive – to see the first church where she served on the Tiwi Islands, off the coast of Darwin, restored to its former glory. Source: ABC News.

History In The Dioceses

Cross ‘returns home’ after almost 100 years

Former Perth Bishop Matthew Gibney’s crucifix has been returned to the Perth Archdiocese almost a century after his death in 1925. Source: The eRecord.