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Catholic Women’s League WA members with goods purchased or made for the My Home project (The eRecord/CWLWA)

Upholding the dignity of women and promoting their participation in social and public life has been put into practice by the Catholic Women’s League Western Australia, writes Pauline Marlborough. Source: The eRecord.

Over the past three years, the organisation has focused on supporting women who are struggling emotionally, physically and financially – fulfilling Object 3 of its national constitution to uphold the dignity of women.

During the lockdowns and restrictions of COVID, CWLWA became aware that there was a significant increase in domestic violence. CWL state conferences in 2021 and 2021 were presented with statistics showing women aged over 55 were the fastest-growing cohort of homelessness.

CWLWA invited Michelle Blakely, the architect and founder of the My Home project in WA, to address the state council of CWLWA. 

The project aimed to build 18 units on unused government land in North Fremantle.

As the building of the homes was nearing completion, CWLWA invited Rotary WA’s Kay Durrant to a state council meeting where she was presented with a cheque to cover the cost of all bedroom linen, towel sets, kitchen and laundry essentials and utensils, small smart televisions, washing machines, microwaves and furniture for all 18 units.

In the following weeks, members of CWL branches laundered all the linen and towels, attended two workdays to make beds and set up kitchens and laundries ready to be used; floors were vacuumed and washed and benches wiped clean and finally, a massive amount of packaging was removed.

Pauline Marlborough OAM is State President Catholic Women’s League WA.


Catholic Women’s League WA reaches out to homeless women (By Pauline Marlborough, The eRecord)