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The Transfiguration Cathedral was damaged during a Russian missile strike in Odesa on Sunday (OSV News/Nina Liashonok, Reuters)

Ukraine’s ambassador to the Holy See said the onslaught of attacks on Odesa and several surrounding cities shows that Russia’s actions are no different than the actions of a terrorist organisation. Source: America Magazine.

Ambassador Andrii Yurash said that Russia’s bombardment of grain storages in Ukraine is a desperate response to its failure to take over the country.

“For terrorists, when there is no other possibility of escape, (they only) escalate their attacks,” he said. “I think now we are reaching the most dramatic point as Russia understands that it is really in the position of a terrorist and the whole world is completely losing any trust (in them),” he pointed.

The attacks began on July 17 after Russia withdrew from the Black Sea grain deal, which allowed for grain exports to continue to be shipped out despite the war.

Russian missiles also targeted populated areas in Odesa, killing one person and wounding more than 20 people

According to the European Commission, Ukraine “accounts for 10 per cent of the world wheat market, 13 per cent of the barley market, 15 per cent of the maize (corn) market, and is the most important player in the market for sunflower oil (over 50 per cent of world trade).”

However, Russia’s withdrawal from the deal, and its launch of missiles on the port cities of Odesa, Chornomorsk and Mykolaiv, prompted renewed fears of global food insecurity.

Russian missiles also targeted populated areas in Odesa, killing one person and wounding more than 20 people, as well as causing significant damage to the Transfiguration Orthodox Cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site, on Sunday.

In a statement released by his spokesperson, UN Secretary General António Guterres condemned “the appalling toll the war is taking on civilian lives” as well as the attack on “an area protected under the World Heritage Convention.”


Ukraine ambassador to the Vatican: Russia is a ‘terrorist’ state (By Junno Arocho Esteves, CNS via America Magazine)