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(Catholic Schools NSW)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Catholic schools in New South Wales have the highest attendance rates of Indigenous students in the state, a report from the sector has revealed. Source: Daily Telegraph.

The Catholic Schools NSW 2023 report on Aboriginal Educational Outcomes reveals their Aboriginal students come to class 83.4 per cent of the time, while those in public schools have an attendance rate of 76.3 per cent.

However, every school sector had a drop in Aboriginal students’ attendance of at least four per cent in 2022, consistent with an overall fall in attendance in the education system.

More of the state’s Aboriginal students are enrolled in Catholic schools than ever before, taking in an 11.6 per cent share, with the highest number in the Maitland-Newcastle area.

Catholic Schools NSW chief executive Dallas McInerney said his sector’s Aboriginal education assistants are now focusing on supporting families earlier, in preschool and the transition to kindergarten, which has been at least partly responsible for the increased attendance rates.

“Catholic schools in NSW are reshaping the role … placing greater emphasis on community engagement and building relationships between schools and the community,” Mr McInerney said.

“In line with the Catholic ethos of educating the whole person, schools and staff look to provide a more rounded approach to students’ needs rather than focusing narrowly on what can be achieved between 9am and 3pm.”


Aboriginal attendance rates highest in Catholic schools, sector report reveals (By Eilidh Sproul-Mellis, Daily Telegraph)