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Store manager Tamara Chatfield prepares to open the new Vinnies store in Townsville (Shae Beplate)

The biggest Vinnies shop in the country opens in Townsville tomorrow with a massive range of second-hand fashion, furniture and more. Source: Townsville Bulletin.

The spacious new location will become Vinnies’ new hub in Townsville after they recently vacated their shop in Garbutt for the West End location.

Townsville executive officer Sharon Nicholson said the new shop would have “absolutely everything.”

“There’s bridal, formal and high-end fashion along with the regular ladies’ and men’s sections,” she said.

“There’s a book section, CD and DVDs, bric-a-brac and collectables. There’s new furniture plus second-hand furniture, which is something we haven’t carried before. We haven’t had the space until now.”


First look inside the biggest Vinnies shop in the country opening in Townsville (By Natasha Emeck, Townsville Bulletin)