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Lily Rose Room founders Gloria Nolan, left, Vanessa Comninos, Miranda Hackwill and Fenella Blackmoore (The Catholic Leader/Joe Higgins)

Young Catholics were among the first to get their hands on rosaries inspired by Australian wildflowers and shirts printed with saintly mottos, all crafted by four Brisbane women who founded a “holywares” online shop. Source: The Catholic Leader.

The Lily Rose Room shop was started by four women from Springfield parish and launched last weekend from a stall at the youth-oriented Ignite Conference in Brisbane last weekend.

The women had met through their parish and formed a small prayer group that would meet in their homes after Mass.

Gloria Nolan said they loved spending time together, “being Church for one another”, sharing their lives over a cup of coffee and praying around the kitchen table.

One day, while talking around the kitchen table, Miranda Hackwill pulled out some beads and suggested they make rosaries together. It took off from there.

Vanessa Comninos said it was a creative, soothing and prayerful experience making rosaries.

“We’re co-creators with God – God’s given us this talent to be able to create rosaries and pray together,” she said.

Ms Nolan said everything they did was done “through prayer”.

“It all comes from the Holy Spirit and seeking out the Lord,” she said.

The colours and aesthetic of the shop took inspiration from the beauty of Australian flora.

Ms Comninos said she loved sending gifts to her relatives overseas and “I want to send something that is Australian, where I live, it’s the culture that I have embraced”.

“I would love them to have a piece of me and my new culture and my new country,” she said.



Four women from Springfield parish start up ‘holywares’ online shop (By Joe Higgins, The Catholic Leader)