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Fr Robert Nixon OSB (The eRecord/Perth Archdiocese)

A Benedictine priest from the New Norcia community in Western Australia has released an album of original piano-based music. Source: The eRecord.

Fr Robert Nixon OSB’s musical work is well-known to many people through his role as organist at New Norcia.

Celestial Void was released by US label Moon Coil Media and has attracted favourable attention from reviewers, both in Australia and internationally.

Fr Nixon studied music and education and worked as a professional musician and music teacher before entering the monastery. He was ordained in January 2018 by Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB.

Fr Nixon said his inspiration for the album came from his sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“The contemplation of the mystery of God’s creation,” Fr Nixon said. “And it expresses the soul’s yearning for heavenly reality,” he said.



New album for Benedictine pianist (By Jamie O’Brien, The eRecord