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The aged care data shows 98 per cent of aged care homes now delivering acceptable, good or excellent care (Bigstock)

The latest star ratings show a sizeable improvement in the quality of aged care homes across the country, according to Commonwealth Government data. Source: Australian Ageing Agenda.

Within 12 months of their introduction, the number of facilities with 4 or 5 stars has increased by 15 per cent. In all, 1329 homes are now delivering good or excellent care – an increase of 352 facilities since this time last year.

The biggest improvement reflected in the star ratings over that time is the quality of care being received by residents, with 98 per cent of aged care homes now delivering acceptable, good or excellent care.

Meanwhile, the number of aged care homes that need improvement has fallen. Just 52 sites (2 per cent) have received 1 and 2 stars – a decrease of 152 since this time last year.

“One year on and star ratings data show the Albanese Government is delivering its promise to lift the standard of aged care in Australia,” said the Minister for Aged Care, Anika Wells, in a statement.

“Prior to star ratings, residential aged care providers didn’t have a way to benchmark and monitor their performance or improvement over time. Now they do, and it’s proving valuable for their management teams.”

Introduced on December 1 last year, the star ratings system offers an overview of an aged care facility’s performance. Recommended by the royal commission, star ratings aim to help older people, their families and carers compare services and encourage providers to up their game.


Quality going up (By Australian Ageing Agenda) 


Aged care homes mostly improve after rating system introduced (By Mikala Theocharous,