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Julie Edwards (CSSV)

Representatives from an array of Church ministries will soon gather in Melbourne to exchange ideas and collaborate on practical ways to address the challenges of the times at the National Catholic Social Services Conference. Source: CSSA and CSSV.

Catholic Social Services Australia and Catholic Social Services Victoria will host the Commons Commonality Common Good conference on February 21-23.

“This conference aims to strengthen and advance our shared work in Catholic social services as part of the social mission of the Church,” says CSSV executive director Joshua Lourensz. “Connecting with colleagues across social services, health, parishes and education, the conference provides a moment to share expertise and pause to think and imagine our place within a broader mission.”

Jesuit Social Services chief executive Julie Edwards will deliver a keynote on the topic “The role of social services and their work on the commons”.

“We’re all held, nurtured and sustained in a web of relationships – that spiritual, social, cultural, economic, physical world – and it’s all gift,” Dr Edwards said. 

“That’s an expression of the commons – the broad set of resources we live within, [are] nurtured by and share. They belong to us all, and they belong to none of us. It’s this mutuality, the understanding that it’s gift, that we’re not to possess but, rather, we are to cherish, nurture and protect them, to help them regenerate, and to strengthen them, to heal them. And that it is something that we all take responsibility for.”

Registrations for the conference close tonight at midnight. Details: National Catholic Social Services Conference.


Imagining our place within a broader mission (CSSA and CSSV)