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Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Fr Enoch Iheme, far right, with people preparing for reception in the Church at Easter (The Catholic Leader/Alan Edgecomb, Purple Moon Photography)

The Rite of Election was held in cathedrals across Australia on the first Sunday of Lent, an important step for those participating in the Rite of Christian Initiation and preparing to be received into the Catholic Church at Easter.

In Brisbane, this year marked the biggest number – 128 – of catechumens up for election. Catechumens are people who will be baptised at Easter.  There were also 70 candidates (people who were baptised in other Christian traditions) who will be confirmed Catholics at Easter. 

Evangelisation Brisbane’s Rite of Christian Initiation officer Lisa McKerr said the process towards Easter was all about coming to a personal relationship with Jesus. She said it was about inviting people into a “life-changing experience”.

The Rite of Election has roots in traditions held since the early centuries of the Church but has existed in its current form since the promulgation of the RCIA in 1972.

In Melbourne, almost 1000 people – catechumens, candidates, sponsors, godparents, fellow parishioners and families, gathered at St Patrick’s Cathedral for the Rite. 

“Just have a look around you,” Melbourne Archbishop Peter A Comensoli told the catechumens and candidates from more than 60 parishes from across the archdiocese.

“You are not alone. In faith, you are not alone.”

At St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, 266 people intending to enter the Catholic Church were presented.  

Each parish’s representatives processed down the cathedral’s aisle to present Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP with a “Book of the Elect,” upon which is written the names of the catechumens seeking baptism.


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