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Pope Francis with children at a Vatican event in November (CNS/Lola Gomez)

Making the world a better place for everyone starts with prayer and little steps like saying hello, sorry or thank you, Pope Francis said in a letter to the world’s children. Source: CNS.

“Our world will change if we all begin with these little things, without being ashamed to take small steps, one at a time,” he wrote in the letter that was released on March 2.

The letter included an invitation for the children to participate in the first World Children’s Day meeting in Rome on May 25-26. At a news conference after the letter was published, organisers said 57,000 children from 60 countries already had signed up and they hoped 100,000 children ages 6-12 would attend the opening event at Rome’s Olympic Stadium and Mass with Pope Francis the next day in St Peter’s Square.

In his letter, Pope Francis told children that they are “a source of joy for your parents and your families, but also for our human family and for the Church, in which each of us is like a link in a great chain stretching from the past to the future and covering the whole earth”.

“The fact that we are small reminds us that we are also frail and need one another as members of one body,” he wrote.

Pope Francis explained to the children that he chose the Bible passage, “Behold, I make all things new,” as the theme for World Children’s Day because it is a reminder that to make the world a better place, people need to be united with Jesus and with others.

In preparation for World Children’s Day, the Pope asked them to pray the Our Father every morning and every evening with their families and to think about the words.


Pope asks children to make the world better, one little step at a time (By Cindy Wooden, CNS via USCCB)