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The cover of the CSSV’s latest report (Supplied)

Catholic Social Services Victoria has today released a report that maps out the work of its 40 member organisations, demonstrating “the Church at work in the world”.

The report finds that Victoria’s Catholic social service organisations supported at least 302,550 people in 2021-2022 – more than 4.5 per cent of Victoria’s population – through the efforts of 7510 staff and more than 15,800 volunteers. These organisations provided services in over 30 different areas of work from early intervention and prevention to crisis response.

“Catholic social services are a part of the enactment of the social mission of the Church — they are a vital expression of an established, connected community of people working to live in fidelity to the Gospel,” Catholic Social Services Victoria executive director Josh Lourensz said.

“Their unique and important contributions to our social fabric traverse being both responsive and charitable and simultaneously being committed to reform and justice over the long term. 

“Good work doesn’t come from nowhere. Having expertise to walk with and accompany people with complex social needs requires investment. Good administrative and compliance processes evolve over time. 

“Our member organisations, often in close collaboration with their founding congregations, parishes, diocese and schools, are reaching out to and supporting a very diverse range of people. This is the Church at work in the world.”

While the variety and scale of support and program offerings have grown over the past few years as Catholic providers work to help meet society’s needs, the increasing number of people in need of services and support is concerning.

Pressures of costs of living, the affordable housing crisis and growing inequality present immense challenges to governments and organisations. 

By understanding and acknowledging the reach and contributions of CSSV’s member organisations, governments, the social service sector and the community more broadly can be better positioned to work together to serve the poor, disadvantaged and marginalised. 


CSSV Report on Victoria’s Catholic social services sector contributions (CSSV)