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Sr Helen Ryan SGS recently celebrated her 100th birthday in Benedicta House (Sisters of the Good Samaritan)

Nine Melbourne-based Sisters of the Good Samaritan have moved into Benedicta House, a new, built-for-purpose residence. Source: The Good Oil.

The name, which pays tribute to the Sisters’ Benedictine spirituality, also speaks of a place of blessing and peace.

Six Sisters moved into Benedicta House from their previous residence, Marian House, in October last year, and three Sisters moved in from other community houses.

Marian House had been a significant residence for the Sisters of the Good Samaritan since 1976. It was built as a nursing home and, at various times, was home to retired Sisters as well as Sisters who were holidaying, convalescing, and gathering for meetings and special events.

But as the building aged, it began to require significant repairs and upkeep. Following consultations over many years it was decided it was a better option to start afresh in a new building.

Sr Marella Rebgetz SGS oversaw the building of Benedicta House, working with a project manager and a small project control group. She said the building and relocation was a gradual process.

“Marian House was a 35-bedroom residence and the units didn’t have ensuites. On top of that, it needed an enormous amount of maintenance and significant repair. There were only a few Sisters still living in this large building. It really wasn’t fit for purpose any longer.”

Marian House was located in Northcote on land adjacent to Santa Maria College and owned by Good Samaritan Education. It will now be demolished and the College will build a new “village” for year 9-10 students on the land.


Benedicta House a place of prayer and ongoing mission (by Debra Vermeer, The Good Oil)