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Sydney Archdiocese will host a Vigil Mass and prayer service on Saturday for the victims and those affected by the stabbing attack at Westfield Bondi Junction last weekend. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Sydney Auxiliary Bishop Richard Umbers will conduct the special services, open to the entire community, inviting all to come together to pray for the six people who died and dozen injured in the attack.

“In times of tragedy it is important that our community comes together to pray and show our support for the victims, families, friends and all people grieving at this traumatic time.”

Instead of St Mary’s Cathedral, the services will be held at Holy Cross Catholic Church, Adelaide Street, Bondi Junction.

“The event will be held at Holy Cross Catholic Church to show our support for the local community. Local Catholic parishes have always been the cornerstones of communities, and this extends to times of crisis,” Bishop Umbers said.

“We want to let people of all backgrounds and beliefs know that we are there for them during their most difficult time.”

The Vigil Mass will commence at 5.30pm, followed by the candlelight prayer service at 7pm.

“This is an opportunity for us to pray for peace, to demonstrate our commitment to human life, and to celebrate the courage of the victims, and ensure that they’re honoured.”


Candlelight prayer and Mass for Bondi community, Saturday 5:30pm at Holy Cross Woollahra (By Marcus Middleton, The Catholic Weekly)