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Pope Francis Poverty

Christians are called to be friends of the poor: Pope

Ahead of the eighth World Day of the Poor, Pope Francis has urged Christians around the world to share in the suffering of the poor and to commune with them through the act of prayer. Source: CNA.

Budget Housing Poverty

Vinnies welcomes government funding for those doing it tough

The St Vincent de Paul Society has contacted leading ministers in the Albanese Government to commend them for driving policy change and financial commitments aimed at improving the wellbeing of many Australians who continue to struggle with daily demands.


UNICEF finds one in six children in Australia experiencing poverty

One in six children is experiencing poverty in Australia, with a new global report finding those living in single-parent households are almost five times more at risk of being poor than those in two-parent homes. Source: The Australian.

Pope Francis Poverty

Pope says poverty a ‘scandal’ and urges Christians to use gifts for charity

The material, cultural and spiritual poverties that exist in the world are a “scandal” that Christians are called to address by putting their God-given capacity for charity and love into action, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: CNS.

Cost Of Living Poverty

Foodbank report reveals Australia’s growing food insecurity crisis

Some 3.7 million Australian households are going hungry or are on the edge of falling into hunger according to a new report from one of the country’s leading social charities. Source: The Australian.

Charity Poverty

Vinnies urges Government and all MPs tackle poverty

This year’s Anti-Poverty Week is shining a light on the children of families who receive inadequate social security payments and depend on emergency support from charities, the St Vincent de Paul Society says.

Environment Poverty

Resources Minister warns against decreasing gas supply too quickly

Resources Minister Madeleine King has warned that decreasing gas supply faster than demand will lead to “shortages, supply disruptions and high prices”, while also “worsening poverty and inequality”. Source: The Australian.

Charity Poverty

Vinnies enters debate on tax reform

The new tax and welfare policy developed by the Australian National University for the St Vincent de Paul Society suggests up to 834,000 vulnerable people could be lifted out of poverty by targeted reforms to income tax, welfare and superannuation.

Pope Francis Poverty

Pope calls on Christians to become personally involved in plight of the poor

Pope Francis has released his message for the annual World Day of the Poor, stressing that a “great river of poverty is traversing our cities”, and that every Christian is called to become “personally involved” in the struggle against it. Source: Vatican News.