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Environment Poverty

Resources Minister warns against decreasing gas supply too quickly

Resources Minister Madeleine King has warned that decreasing gas supply faster than demand will lead to “shortages, supply disruptions and high prices”, while also “worsening poverty and inequality”. Source: The Australian.

Charity Poverty

Vinnies enters debate on tax reform

The new tax and welfare policy developed by the Australian National University for the St Vincent de Paul Society suggests up to 834,000 vulnerable people could be lifted out of poverty by targeted reforms to income tax, welfare and superannuation.

Pope Francis Poverty

Pope calls on Christians to become personally involved in plight of the poor

Pope Francis has released his message for the annual World Day of the Poor, stressing that a “great river of poverty is traversing our cities”, and that every Christian is called to become “personally involved” in the struggle against it. Source: Vatican News.

Bishops Poverty

Bishops tell Senate inquiry needs of the vulnerable must come first

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has told parliamentarians that they should place the needs of vulnerable people at the centre of the country’s culture and politics. Source: ACBC Media Blog.


New figures expose depth of Australia’s poverty crisis

One in eight Australians are living in poverty, with 60 per cent of people receiving JobSeeker support payments living on average $269 per week below the poverty line. Source: The Australian.


‘Significant proportion’ of Australian kids obese, live in poverty

One in four children in Australia is living in poverty and obesity affects one in three kids, a new UNICEF report reveals. Source: The Australian.


Vinnies calls for immediate increase in social security payments

The incoming St Vincent de Paul Society national president has called on the Albanese Government to immediately increase social security payments and address the crisis in affordable housing.


JobSeeker increase would raise millions out of poverty: Anglicare

A new Anglicare Australia report has found that increasing the unemployment payment to $88 a day would help lift more than two million Australians out of poverty. Source: SBS News.

In The Dioceses Poverty

Street Feast celebrates World Day of the Poor 

Sydney’s Street Feast at St Mary’s Cathedral forecourt has celebrated the inspiring work of the Church in its outreach day in and day out to those who are doing it tough. Source: The Catholic Weekly.