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Disability royal commission report calls for end to segregation and abuse

The final report of the disability royal commission has made 222 recommendations to improve the lives of the 4.4 million people living with disabilities in Australia. Source: SBS News.


Government plans to improve services for people with disabilities

The Albanese Government will repeal the Disability Services Act and replace it with a new set of standards. The changes will govern the provision of services to people with disabilities outside of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Source: ABC News. 

Disability Politics

Shorten’s warning on sustainability of NDIS

States and territories are failing to deliver adequate support to school children with disabilities, with National Disability Insurance Scheme Minister Bill Shorten declaring the Commonwealth did not have enough oversight of the federal funding delivered to jurisdictions for special needs education. Source: The Australian.

Disability Employment Pope Francis

Employers’ first job is to take care of their workers: Pope

Workers are human beings, not machines or “spare parts” to be used to drive production and profit at all costs, Pope Francis has told members of an organisation that advocates for people seriously injured or disabled on the job. Source: NCR Online.


NDIS advocates say service providers should fund ombudsman

National Disability Insurance Scheme providers should be forced to fund a consumer rights ombudsman, advocates have argued, amid claims the government-appointed regulator is failing to address price-gouging and unscrupulous service providers. Source: The Guardian. 


Head of NDIS review calls on state and local governments to step up

The future of the National Disability Insurance Scheme depends on state and local governments stepping up to provide services for the millions of Australians with disability who don’t qualify for the scheme, the head of the NDIS review warns. Source: The Australian.


Disabilities expert says scheme not a ‘magic pudding’

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has become a “magic pudding” for governments, service providers and some people with a disability, the head of the Albanese Government’s NDIS review warns. Source: The Australian.

Disability Immigration

Greens call for end to ‘unconscionable’ deportation of migrants with disability

The Greens are pushing to scrap an “unconscionable” policy that means migrant families face deportation if a child in that family was born with a disability. Source: SBS News.

Aged Care Disability

Café serves up intergenerational fun for residents, trainees and children

A unique social enterprise café on Victoria’s surf coast has become a thriving community hub for aged care residents, trainees with disability and young customers. Source: VMCH.