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Disability Employment

New program to help people with disability into workforce

A peak Catholic body says a new pilot program between the Commonwealth and the Business Council of Australia to expand job opportunities for Australians living with disabilities was an important step in helping people with disability get into the workforce. Source: CSSA.


Parishes should be ‘pockets of belonging’ for all

Parishes should be well-placed to welcome all young families, but they can always do more to reduce the barriers some face when they have a child who experiences physical or cognitive challenges, says disability theologian Zachariah Duke. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Disability HIgher Education

Big grant to support caregivers raising children with disabilities

A $6.9 million grant will allow an Australian Catholic University-led consortium to deliver a program that will empower, support and connect caregivers raising children with developmental concerns or disabilities.

Disability Pope Francis

Churches need more than wheelchair ramps to be inclusive: Pope

Making churches accessible and services understandable is important but having wheelchair ramps and sign-language interpreters is not enough for a parish to call itself “inclusive”, Pope Francis said at the weekend. Source: CNS.


New café serving on-the-job training with a twist

A new café in Torquay, Victoria, is giving local residents with disability job skills opportunities – with an intergenerational twist. Source: VMCH.

Disability Politics

Former NDIS minister says two changes can ‘save’ scheme

The Albanese Government must wrestle back control of the levers that can contain the surging costs of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in order to “save” it, a former Liberal NDIS minister has said. Source: The Canberra Times.


Disability laws set for first major shake-up in nearly 40 years

Australians will get the chance to have their say as federal disability services laws undergo their first major shake-up since 1986. Source: SBS News.


Helena’s family and friends reach for the stars

Helena’s House co-founder Fiona McIlwain said she felt blessed to see her daughter Helena’s dream of building a house for people with disabilities get one step closer thanks to community support for an upcoming fundraising walk. Source: The Catholic Leader.


Shorten brings forward review of NDIS

A review of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has been brought forward in a bid to restore trust with participants and rein in waste, with the scheme expected to cost $8.8 billion more than previously forecast. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.