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Christ is truly risen, giving humanity a sure footing in hope: Pope

Pope Francis has delivered his Easter message and blessing “To the City and the World”, encouraging Christians to rediscover the joy of serving God, working for peace, and helping others in a suffering world. Source: Vatican News.


Big crowds at Easter services celebrate ‘faith, hope and renewal’

As churches across the nation recorded the return of big Easter crowds, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Easter Sunday was a celebration of faith, hope and renewal. Source: West Australian/ABC News.

Easter Opinion

How Christianity can grow again in the West

This Easter it’s hard not to be a bit pessimistic – war in Ukraine, talk of war in Asia, endless other troubles. Christianity in the West is approaching two crisis points, writes Greg Sheridan. Source: The Australian.


Easter gives ‘hope and new life’ to suffering world

Australia’s bishops have spoken of the power of Easter hope to bring Jesus’ healing to the suffering and division of the world and called on the faithful to carry that resurrection hope to others.

Easter Liturgy

‘Go ahead and invite’ people to Easter services

Four in 10 Australians would attend an Easter service if they were invited by a close friend or family member, a recent survey has found. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Easter Ecumenism

Pope tells Patriarch Catholics ready for common Easter date

Meeting the Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, Pope Francis expressed his hope that Christians of the East and West could finally agree on a common date for celebrating Easter. Source: NCR Online.