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Vinnies backs call for ‘wholesale’ reform of Workforce Australia

The St Vincent de Paul Society has added its voice to widespread support for the parliamentary inquiry into Workforce Australia’s management of employment services.

Employment In The Dioceses Pacific

Parishes welcome Pacific Islander workers

Ways in which the Church and community groups can welcome and help seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands were discussed at a recent meeting in Launceston. Source: Hobart Archdiocese.


A win for pensioners and welfare recipients

Pensioners and people on welfare will be able to work more before having their benefits cut under a shake-up of Labor’s jobs policies. Source: The Australian.

Disability Employment Pope Francis

Employers’ first job is to take care of their workers: Pope

Workers are human beings, not machines or “spare parts” to be used to drive production and profit at all costs, Pope Francis has told members of an organisation that advocates for people seriously injured or disabled on the job. Source: NCR Online.

Charity Employment

Workers’ rights are human rights: Vinnies

The St Vincent de Paul Society is marking Social Justice Sunday this weekend with the launch of its new policy statement on secure work for all Australians.


Labor to give casuals new rights to full-time employment

The Albanese Government will make it easier for casuals to convert to full-time work if they choose, in the first taste of Labor’s next stage of industrial relations reforms to be unveiled in coming months. Source: The Guardian.

Employment Refugees

Asylum-seeker has new career all sewn up

Nothing makes Esther* happier than making clothes for others. The 32-year-old asylum-seeker from Papua New Guinea is a participant in Mercy Works’ partnership with the Romero Centre in Brisbane, which has so far helped 37 people gain employment since last July.


Bishops welcome minimum wage increase, despite wanting more

The Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations has welcomed the largest increase in the minimum wage in three decades, even though the increase fell below the Council’s submission of 7.2 per cent. Source: ACBC Media Blog.


Industrial umpire set to unveil minimum wage rise

Millions of Australians on award and minimum wages are set to find out how much more they will be paid with the Fair Work Commission’s decision due today. Source: Australian Financial Review.