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Asylum-Seekers Opinion

Compassion goes missing when it comes to asylum-seekers and refugees

Australians are good at responding to national emergencies with neighbourly deeds, but where is our compassionate response to the asylum-seekers and refugees living on our shores, asks Sr Catherine McCahill SGS. Source: The Good Oil.

Environment Opinion

Every bishop should decarbonise his diocese 

It is important for Catholics to celebrate World Day of Social Justice, writes Catholic social teaching and climate change expert Daniel DiLeo. Source: NCR Online. 

First Nations Opinion

Lessons to be learned from failure of Voice referendum

It’s four months since the referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The result was a disaster for the country and a tragedy for First Australians, writes Fr Frank Brennan SJ. Source: Eureka Street.

Euthanasia Opinion

When ‘health care’ means the right to kill

Part of the absurdity of various legislation about euthanasia is that it is described as health care. Health care seeks to heal, cure, sustain and relieve suffering – but not to kill, writes Patrick McArdle. Source: The Catholic Weekly.


Secure accommodation ‘a human right, not a privilege’

The current housing crisis means careful planning is paramount while the National Housing and Homelessness Plan is being defined, writes Fr Andy Hamilton SJ. Source: Australian Jesuits.

Opinion Synod

Australia ‘punched well above its weight’ at Synod of Bishops

The Church in Australia played an outsized role in shaping the global consultation process for Pope Francis’ Synod of Bishops, writes Christopher White. Source: NCR Online. 


Euthanasia divides us into two classes of people: Archbishop Fisher

At a time when social cohesion is needed more than ever, the New South Wales euthanasia legislation that came into effect yesterday is a divisive law, writes Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP. Source: The Catholic Weekly.

Euthanasia Opinion

Euthanasia has perpetuated our fear of death

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the euthanasia debate is the lack of nuance about the important issue of palliative care, write Simon Cowan and Jessica Borbasi. Source: Canberra Times. 

Education Opinion

Let’s all back our teachers

It’s not an exaggeration to say teachers are key architects of the future health and prosperity of our nation, writes Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools executive director Edward Simons writes as Australia marks World Teachers Day.