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Pope Francis Ukraine

Anger over Pope’s ‘white flag’ remarks on Ukraine

The director of the Holy See Press Office has intervened to clarify the Pope’s controversial remarks on Ukraine after he was strongly criticised for suggesting Ukraine should raise the “white flag” and negotiate with Russia. Source: The Tablet.

Pope Francis Sacraments

Don’t ask too much during confession, Pope tells priests

Catholics should not be afraid to bear their sins before God whose mercy is a model for the Church’s ministers, Pope Francis said on Friday. Source: CNS.

Pope Francis Safeguarding

Church’s efforts to safeguard minors must not wane: Pope

The Church should not be discouraged by the challenge of confronting sexual abuse, Pope Francis said yesterday, rather it must take concrete steps in developing policies to preserve the dignity of its members. Source: NCR Online.

Easter Pope Francis

Pope to again celebrate Holy Thursday Mass in a prison

Pope Francis will continue his custom of celebrating Holy Thursday Mass in a prison during Holy Week 2024. Source: OSV News.

Catechesis Pope Francis

Of all vices, pride is the great queen: Pope

Pope Francis yesterday used his general audience to focus on the vice of pride, relying on an aide to read his remarks for the second consecutive week. Source: CNA.

Children Pope Francis

Pope tells children they can make world better, one small step at a time

Making the world a better place for everyone starts with prayer and little steps like saying hello, sorry or thank you, Pope Francis said in a letter to the world’s children. Source: CNS.

Gender Pope Francis

‘Ugly’ gender ideology is the worst danger, Pope says

The gifts of men and women are “fruitful” together, and to erase the difference between men and women “is to erase humanity”, Pope Francis said. Source: OSV News.

Middle East Pope Francis

Pope makes emotional plea for ceasefire in Gaza

Pope Francis yesterday called for Israel and Hamas to reach an agreement for “an immediate ceasefire in Gaza”, repeating “Enough!” and “Stop!” from the window of the apostolic palace. Source: The Tablet.

Pope Francis

Pope goes to hospital for ‘diagnostic tests’

After telling people at his general audience, “I’m still a bit sick”, and having aides read most of his prepared remarks, Pope Francis yesterday paid a brief visit to Rome’s Gemelli Isola Hospital for “diagnostic tests”, the Vatican press office confirmed. Source: NCR Online.