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In The Dioceses Synodality

Evangelisation circles a ‘catalyst for continuing renewal’

Parishes within the Canberra-Goulburn Archdiocese will benefit greatly from the creation of evangelisation circles in the archdiocese’s Year of the Holy Spirit, according to Roger Paul. Source: Catholic Voice.


City and outback voices to be heard at international meeting

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has named the two parish priests selected to attend a global gathering of 300 priests at the Vatican. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

Synodality Women

Voices of women raised at Holy See embassy conference

In preparation for International Women’s Day, a conference in Rome sponsored by the Australian embassy to the Holy See looked at how the Synod on Synodality was raising women’s voices. Source: CNS. 

Synod Synodality

National consultation for next Synod assembly begins

Catholics around Australia are being asked to contribute to a global discussion on the future of the Church. Source: ACBC.

Europe Synodality

German synodal path ‘cannot end well’, Cardinal Kasper warns

Cardinal Walter Kasper warned the leaders of the German synodal path initiative that their plans were “overshooting the target” for synodality and will not “end well”. Source: The Tablet.

Germany Pope Francis Synodality

Pope sees threat of Church in Germany moving away from Rome

Pope Francis has expressed his concern about initiatives individual dioceses and the Church in Germany as a whole are taking, including the establishment of a synodal council, which he said threatens to steer it away from the universal Church. Source: OSV News.

In The Dioceses Synodality

Vatican journalist tells the stories of Synod of Synodality

“The Synod is no longer an event, it’s a new way of being Church,” Vatican correspondent Christopher White said in a public lecture in Sydney last week. Source: Catholic Outlook.


Practice can vary but doctrine has to be the ‘same for everyone’

One difficulty of synodality lies in distinguishing pastoral practice – which can be adapted to different cultural circumstances – from Church doctrine, a Polish archbishop told a Synod on Synodality press briefing yesterday. Source: CNA.

In The Dioceses Synodality

Local Synod ‘a model for engagement, discernment and decision-making’

Parramatta Diocese concluded its inaugural Synod on Sunday, an event that brought together 280 faithful from across Western Sydney, the Blue Mountains and beyond to discuss the future of the local Church.