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Jubilee 2025 Vatican

Progress for pilgrims as Vatican launches new website and app

The Vatican office in charge of coordinating plans for the Holy Year 2025 is launching a new website and an app to help people register and to guide them along their pilgrimage in Rome. Source: OSV News.

Euthanasia Vatican

Pontifical Academy for Life responds to anger over euthanasia comments

The Pontifical Academy for Life says its president is against assisted suicide but thinks it is possible to have a “legal initiative” that would allow it to be decriminalised in Italy under “specific and particular conditions”. Source: CNA.


Italian and Vatican officials collaborate on Jubilee preparations

With the Church’s Jubilee in 2025 rapidly approaching, Italian and Vatican officials have met to discuss ongoing preparations, announcing that a slew of ambitious and costly city renovations are set to begin. Source: Crux.


Papal academy launches ‘observatory’ to evaluate Marian apparitions

The Pontifical International Marian Academy has created a commission to study and monitor cases of possible Marian apparitions and other mystical phenomena. Source: NCR Online.


Dominican Sister to head Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Pope Francis has named Dominican Sister Helen Alford, dean of the faculty of social sciences at the Angelicum University in Rome president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Source: CNS.

History Vatican

Vatican formally repudiates ‘doctrine of discovery’ used to justify colonisation 

The Vatican yesterday formally repudiated the “doctrine of discovery”, officially declaring that a historic policy used to justify colonial exploitation is “not part of the teaching of the Catholic Church”. Source: NCR Online.

Liturgy Vatican

Supporters of Latin Mass mount billboard campaign

A group of Traditional Latin Mass supporters in Italy has sponsored a billboard campaign in a neighbourhood near the Vatican. Source: CNA.

Central America Vatican

Vatican closes embassy in Nicaragua after Ortega’s crackdown

The Vatican has closed its embassy in Nicaragua after the country’s government proposed suspending diplomatic relations, the latest episode in a years-long crackdown on the Catholic Church by the administration of President Daniel Ortega. Source: Sight Magazine.

China Vatican

Vatican negotiating with China to make agreement ‘work better’

The Vatican’s foreign minister has said that the Vatican-China deal was “not the best deal possible” and that negotiations are underway to make the deal “work better”. Source: CNA.