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Europe Vatican

German bishops in Rome for talks on Synodal Way

A delegation of German bishops is expected in Rome today for talks with the Vatican about the German Synodal Way. Source: CNA.

Holy Land Vatican

Vatican’s Good Friday collection to aid humanitarian efforts in Gaza 

This year, the Vatican’s annual Good Friday financial appeal for the Holy Land highlights the urgent humanitarian crisis facing the beleaguered population in Gaza and the Pope’s plea for peace. Source: CNA.

Safeguarding Vatican

Papal commission to submit first safeguarding report

The Pope’s commission for advancing the Church’s efforts to prevent the abuse of vulnerable persons is due to submit its first annual report on the state of safeguarding in the Church. Source: NCR Online.

Ukraine Vatican

Top diplomat says Russia and Ukraine must negotiate

Pope Francis was not asking Ukraine to consider surrendering to Russia when he called for negotiations to end the war, but he was calling for both Russia and Ukraine to cease hostilities and engage in peace talks, the Vatican’s top diplomat said yesterday. Source: CNS.

Prayer Vatican

Vatican Year of Prayer resource available free online

The Vatican has published an English translation of a new resource guide to help Catholics to intensify their prayer lives in preparation for the celebration of the Church’s Jubilee in 2025. Source: OSV News.

Middle East Ukraine Vatican

Prospect of EU military intervention in Ukraine ‘frightening’

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin says French President Emmanuel Macron’s suggestion that Europe could send ground troops to Ukraine opens a “frightening scenario”. Source: Vatican News.


Bishop reaffirms Freemasonry incompatible with Catholicism

After participating in a seminar on the Church and the Freemasons, an Italian bishop reaffirmed that Catholics who belong to Masonic lodges are in a “serious state of sin” and cannot receive Communion. Source: OSV News.

Africa Vatican

Cardinal Sarah cautions against Christian disunity 

Cardinal Robert Sarah has warned that disunity among followers of Christ is counterproductive to the mission of witnessing the Gospel message and evangelisation. Source: CNA.

Architecture Vatican

Restoration works begin on Bernini’s baldachin ahead of Jubilee Year

Scaffolding is going up around the 30-metre-tall baldachin over the main altar in St Peter’s Basilica to allow restorers to start cleaning, repairing and revitalising this masterpiece ahead of the Church’s Jubilee Year in 2025. Source: CNS.