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Central America Vatican

Nicaragua releases 12 priests after talks with Vatican

The Nicaraguan dictatorship has released 12 priests it had imprisoned and sent them to the Vatican after an agreement was reached with Church authorities. Source: CNA.

Media Vatican

Vatican correspondent and Pope Francis expert coming to Australia 

Catholic journalist Christopher White, an expert on Pope Francis, is coming to Australia for a series of events in Parramatta, Sydney and Melbourne. Source: Catholic Outlook.

Middle East Vatican

Gaza conflict casts shadow over Vatican Holocaust conference

The conflict in Gaza cast a shadow over a major conference on the Vatican and the Holocaust on Monday, with one participant calling the recent carnage the worst slaughter of civilian Jews in one day since the Holocaust. Source: Yahoo News.

Religious Orders Vatican

Pope names first female secretary of dicastery for religious

Pope Francis has appointed the first woman to serve as the No. 2 official of the Roman Curia office that works with religious orders and their members. Source: OSV News.

Doctrine Vatican

Pope’s new doctrine chief touts ‘democratic system’ for handling queries

Pope Francis’ new doctrine chief has said he believes a revised structure for his department is working well, and now includes a “democratic system” for handling queries or complaints that prohibits him from making unilateral decisions. Source: Crux.

Pope Francis Vatican

Pope responds to cardinals on female priests, same-sex blessings

Pope Francis has addressed issues surrounding the authority of the Synod on Synodality, women’s ordination and blessing homosexual unions in a response to a “dubia” letter sent to him by five cardinals seeking clarification on doctrinal questions. Source OSV News.

Global Church Vatican

Pope creates 21 cardinals from 15 different countries

Pope Francis created 21 new cardinals from across the world at a consistory on Saturday, reflecting on how the geographic expansion of the Church’s leadership represents a fulfilment of the promise of Pentecost. Source: National Catholic Register.

Legal Matters Vatican

WA Police want Vatican report on Bishop Saunders

Western Australian Police have called on Church authorities to hand over the Vatican investigation into former Broome Bishop Christopher Saunders. Source: The West Australian.

Legal Matters Vatican

Allegations against Bishop Saunders ‘very serious and deeply distressing’

The Australian portion of a Vatican-ordered investigation into former Broome Bishop Christopher Saunders has been completed, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference president Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB has confirmed.