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Pope Francis Vatican

Blessing should not be denied to anyone: Pope

People who act shocked that a priest would bless a gay couple but have no problem with him blessing a crooked businessman are hypocrites, Pope Francis said yesterday. Source: NCR Online.

Ecumenism Vatican Women

Female Anglican bishop participates in Council of Cardinals meeting

Pope Francis’ Council of Cardinals concluded a meeting at the Vatican yesterday, reflecting on “the role of women in the Church”. Source: CNA.


Cardinal says book he wrote 25 years ago does not meet ‘today’s standards’

The Vatican’s doctrinal head says a controversial book he wrote more than 25 years ago is “by current standards … inconvenient” and “did not have the usefulness” he had envisioned at the time of writing. Source: OSV News.

Abuse crisis Safeguarding Vatican

Vatican note clarifies abuse of ‘vulnerable adults’

In cases of a cleric sexually abusing a “vulnerable adult”, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith only investigates and judges cases involving “persons who habitually have an imperfect use of reason”, the Vatican said in a note published yesterday. Source: OSV News.

Pope Francis Vatican

Blessings are signs of Church’s closeness: Pope

Pope Francis has again insisted that an informal blessing of a gay or other unmarried couple is not a blessing of their union but a sign of the Church’s closeness to them and its hope that they will grow in faith. Source: CNS.

North America Vatican

Francis calls for release of Haiti hostages

Pope Francis has called for the release of six religious sisters and other hostages who were kidnapped while travelling on a bus in the Haitian capital of Port-Au-Prince. Source: Global Sisters Report.

Bioethics Health Vatican

Pope warns against inequality in healthcare and clinical research

Inequalities in healthcare and clinical research must be prevented, Pope Francis has told medical doctors, health practitioners, researchers, ethicists and other experts attending a conference at the Vatican. Source: CNS.

Finance Vatican

Vatican continues expenditure reforms with release of new documents

Continuing the long-running updating of laws and norms regarding Vatican expenditures and processes for awarding contracts, Pope Francis issued two documents yesterday. Source: OSV News.

Pope Francis Vatican

War is a crime against humanity: Pope

Pope Francis made a strong appeal for peace yesterday, calling modern warfare “a crime against humanity” that sows death among civilians and destroys cities. Source: National Catholic Register.