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Pope, Council of Cardinals discuss role of women in the Church

With the input of two women and a priest, Pope Francis and members of his international Council of Cardinals have this week discussed the role of women in the Church. Source: OSV News.

Jubilee 2025 Vatican

St Peter’s Basilica unveils charity projects ahead of 2025 Jubilee

As preparations continue in Rome for the 2025 Jubilee year, St Peter’s Basilica has announced two new charity projects aimed at helping refugees and prisoners. Source: Vatican News.

Theology Vatican Women

Pope asks theologians to help ‘de-masculinise’ the Church

Asking pardon for speaking plainly, Pope Francis told members of the International Theological Commission that “one of the great sins we have had is ‘masculinising’ the Church”, which also can be seen by the fact that only five of the commission members are women. Source: CNS.

Christmas Vatican

Catholics can receive a plenary indulgence by praying before a Nativity scene 

Catholics will be able to receive a plenary indulgence by praying before a Nativity scene in a Franciscan church as part of the 800th-anniversary celebrations of the Rule of St Francis and the creation of the first Nativity scene. Source: CNA.

Middle East Vatican

Church leaders hopeful hostage deal leads to end of Gaza war

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, has expressed happiness at the hostage-exchange agreement reached between Israel and Hamas yesterday, and said he hoped it would lead to the end of the war. Source: NCR Online.

History Vatican

Vatican Museums expand access to necropolis

In the month Catholics traditionally honour the dead, the Vatican Museums opened a new entrance to an ancient necropolis where carved marble sarcophagi sit near open graves filled with bones. Source: CNS.

Climate Vatican

Vatican partners with Volkswagen to deliver all-electric car fleet

The Vatican has announced that it is partnering with the car manufacturer Volkswagen to introduce an all-electric, zero-impact car fleet in the Vatican by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a goal established by Pope Francis in 2020. Source: CNA.


Vatican reaffirms that Catholics cannot be Freemasons

The Vatican Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith has reaffirmed that Catholics are forbidden from becoming Freemasons. Source: CNA. 

New Zealand Vatican

Vatican orders investigation into New Zealand Catholic group

The Vatican has appointed former Toowoomba Bishop Robert McGuckin to investigate a little-known Catholic group in Christchurch, following allegations of spiritual and psychological abuse and unauthorised exorcisms. Source: Newshub.