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Sr Catherine Slattery and the Brother Kelvin Canavan Catholic School Leadership Award (Sisters of the Good Samaritan and Catholic Schools NSW/Giovanni Portelli)

Good Samaritan Sister Catherine Slattery has been awarded the 2022 Brother Kelvin Canavan Catholic School Leadership Award in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Catholic education.

Sr Catherine worked for more than 25 years in schools in New South Wales and Queensland as teacher, administrator and principal.

The Brother Kelvin Canavan Catholic School Leadership Award, established in 2019, recognises leadership through example, personal faith and discipleship, commitment to growth-oriented support of others, and focus on the benefit of Catholic schools in NSW.

Sr Catherine received the award “for her prophetic leadership across all these domains, her extensive contribution to Catholic education, and, in particular, her work to sustain and promote the charism of Good Samaritan Education,” according to the official citation.

In accepting the award, Sr Catherine recognised “the many mentors, guides and fellow pilgrims along the way of Catholic education who invited me to share this privileged journey”.

“Catholic education is enriched by the charisms of many religious orders, much like the facets of a diamond, each reflecting a different aspect of the divine,” she said.

“Each of these religious congregations has a valuable legacy and much to offer the nation through Catholic education.”

Sr Catherine began shaping the formation programs within Good Samaritan Education in 2002, nurturing its evolution with the support of the Good Samaritan Education Council. She was the council’s XXXXX from 2006 until 2012. She is still a member of the Good Samaritan Education Assembly.


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