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The Uluru Statement from the Heart was released on May 27, 2017 (Uluru Statement website)

The Albanese Government has committed millions of dollars to advancing its centrepiece Indigenous Affairs policy – realising the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Source: ABC News.

A referendum on an Indigenous Voice to parliament will receive $75 million, with the bulk of funds to go to the electoral commission for preparations and increasing the number of First Nations people enrolled to vote.

The money comes on top of $160 million dollars already set aside in the Government’s contingency reserve to deliver the referendum.

Wamba Wamba man and member of the Uluru Dialogue leadership team Eddie Synot said the funding was welcome.

“We’re just happy to see that progress is continuing, and that they are actually serious about their promise and that they are going to hold a referendum.”

The money won’t be used to fund a yes or a no campaign, which Mr Synot says the Government should reconsider.

“Ultimately, I think the most important thing out of all of that is to ensure Australian people are able to make an informed decision rather than having some of the more nefarious interests trying to skew that decision making.”

Currently there is nothing preventing either campaign from sourcing funding from overseas, but the Government is looking to tighten those laws.

The Government has also committed $5.8 million to a Makarrata commission for a national truth telling process and pathway to treaty between Indigenous people and the Government.


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