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Police officers in Przewodow, Poland, near the site of an explosion close to the border with Ukraine yesterday (CNS/Jakub Orzechowski, Agencja via Reuters)

The day after a missile landed in Poland near Ukraine’s border, sparking fears that NATO countries could be drawn into the war, Pope Francis made another appeal for peace. Source: NCR Online.

“We can pray for Ukraine by saying, ‘Hurry up, Lord,’” Pope Francis told visitors and pilgrims at his weekly general audience.

The missile that landed in Poland killed two people. On the same day, Russia fired close to 100 missiles at Ukrainian targets, causing at least one death and leaving many people without electricity.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said yesterday there was a “high probability” that Ukrainian forces had fired the Russian-made missile as part of its defence against the Russian barrage and it accidentally landed in Poland.

Russia had not fired such a barrage in weeks but seemed to be targeting Ukraine’s electrical grid and other infrastructure ahead of the winter cold.

After praying for victims of Sunday’s terrorist attack in Istanbul, the Pope told people in St Peter’s Square, “Our constant prayer is also for martyred Ukraine. May the Lord give Ukrainians consolation, strength amid this trial and give them hope for peace.”

Francis said he had learned “with grief and concern of a new and even stronger missile attack on Ukraine, which caused deaths and damage to much civil infrastructure”.

“We pray that the Lord will convert the hearts of those who still encourage war and let the desire for peace prevail for martyred Ukraine, to avoid any escalation and open the way to a cease-fire and dialogue,” he said.

Meanwhile, leaders of the G2 major economies, meeting in Bali this week, made a declaration yesterday in which they deplored in the strongest terms the aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, and demanded Russia’s complete and unconditional withdrawal from the territory of Ukraine.


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