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Dr Fiona McGaughey and the choir at the Leaning Towards the Light event at Aquinas College, Perth (ACAN)

The Perth Catholic community came together at Aquinas College for an evening of music and reflection on the issue of modern slavery in Australia and the world today. Source: Australian Catholic Anti-Slavery Network.

The “Leaning Towards the Light” event was organised by Catholic Mission Western Australia to raise funds for their projects that prevent human trafficking in Ethiopia and Thailand. 

Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB attended the event and delivered the final blessing.

A panel of experts participated in a pre-concert symposium to help attendees gain an understanding of how modern slavery impacts individuals, communities and society. This included a discussion on how businesses and Catholic organisations must assess and address the risks of modern slavery in their supply chains and operations to comply with the Modern Slavery Act 2018. 

The symposium was moderated by Dr Fiona McGaughey from the University of Western Australia who also gave a compelling keynote reflection as part of the concert program. 

Other panellists included Jenny Stanger representing the Australian Catholic Anti-slavery Network (ACAN), Dr Martijn Boersma, Associate Professor of modern slavery and human trafficking at the University of Notre Dame Australia and Shaeron Yapp, principal adviser for human rights at Rio Tinto.

The event coincided with United Nations International Human Rights Day on December 10.

Attendees were treated to a professional musical program featuring international star tenor Paul O’Neill, organist Alessandro Pittorino and the Aquinas College Schola Cantorum choir conducted by Hugh Lydon. 

Ms Stanger commended the organisers “for making a multi-year commitment to these projects”. 

Donations can still be made from anywhere across Australia by visiting the Catholic Mission website.


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