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Catholic Health Australia will develop an action plan to further reconciliation with First Nations people (Supplied/iStock)

Catholic Health Australia has outlined four key areas on which it will build its focus and efforts in social justice over the next year.

The work reflects an endorsed strategic plan for the next year that spans the gamut of social justice in health and aged care.

Work will focus on addressing advocacy gaps in the experience of prisoners, the development of a reconciliation action plan, a mental health project focused on youth and maintaining a close monitoring of assisted suicide schemes as they roll out across the country.

CHA strategy and mission director Brigid Meney said 2023’s program of activity builds on an already well-established foundation of programs.

“Our mission tells us to look for the most marginalised and that is why we will be concentrating on efforts to help improve the health and social outcomes of those people in or transitioning from prisons, including people who are nearing death in incarceration,” Ms Meney said.

“Another challenge for the coming year will be to focus on what Catholic entities can do to help alleviate the mental health crisis, particularly in our young. We are exploring ways in which we can reach at risk demographics who are increasingly susceptible to mental health deterioration.”

Ms Meney said CHA will also address its role in furthering reconciliation with our First Nations peoples by developing a reconciliation action plan that seeks to amplify and support the work of its members in this critical area.

Finally, assisted suicide continues to be a major focus for CHA and its members who will have to deal with the consequences of the fact that every state in Australia is or soon will offer its citizens euthanasia or assisted suicide.


Catholic Health Australia outlines social justice priorities for the year ahead (CHA)