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Evangelisation Brisbane staff at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival (The Catholic Leader)

Sharing the Gospel, handing out Miraculous Medals, praying and talking with people “searching for answers” made for a two-day witness by Evangelisation Brisbane at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival. Source: The Catholic Leader.

About 20,000 people attended the festival, which was packed with about 200 stalls, with many of them sharing new-age spirituality and self-help.

One of the stalls was run by Evangelisation Brisbane (EB), sharing the face of the Church.

EB adult formation project officer David Kruse said people at the festival were all searching for something and he believed the Church could offer them the truth, goodness and beauty they were seeking.

“We really tried to promote that,” he said.

“In the realm of truth, the Church has an unbelievably rich fount of intellectual and spiritual tradition that’s rooted in millennia of individuals who have radically dedicated themselves to that for the good of humanity and the mission of Jesus.

“The truth of the Catholic Church can help people in their individual lives – process the things that have happened, process their own suffering, process the meaning of life and the direction they’re called to go in, and the opportunities they have.”

He said some people told him, “now that I know you’re Catholic, I’m going to keep walking”, while others showed interest in going to Mass or a local church event.

“Our goal was really to try and invite people to something whether it be an event we’re hosting or just a one-on-one get together to talk about faith and see where it goes,” he said.


Brisbane Catholics share the Gospel at Mind, Body, Spirit festival (By Joe Higgins, The Catholic Leader)