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Edmund Rice Education Australia will be strengthened in 2023 with several new hires appointed to its senior leadership team to bolster education services across Australia.  

Among these new appointments are human resources director Kym Bakaric, and six board chairs and chief executive officers who will oversee EREA’s new subsidiary companies.

Dr Stephen Brown has also been appointed as executive chair of the EREA Ltd Board until January 2024, an evolution of his interim appointment in 2022.

Ms Bakaric is a highly experienced HR professional, with more than 20 years of experience and a passion for education and organisational development. 

 Interim Executive Director Ray Paxton said Ms Bakaric would work to nourish relationships within the EREA network: “Creating a new HR director role was central to our commitment to bolster EREA’s service offering and ensure that our entire network gets access to the most highly qualified, specialised expertise possible.”

The additional appointments of subsidiary board chairs and chief executive officers strengthen EREA’s new organisational structure and enable more specialised and targeted support to be delivered to EREA schools across the country. 

These include specialised companies for: EREA Flexible Schools, which serve some of the most marginalised young people in Australia; EREA Colleges, which will oversee the colleges and early learning centres (with the exception of Victoria and New South Wales); and EREA New South Wales Colleges, which will govern seven NSW colleges. EREA schools in Victoria will continue to be governed by the Trustees of EREA. 


Edmund Rice Education Australia welcomes suite of new senior executives, bolsters education services across Australia (EREA)