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A Notre Dame University researcher in action (UNDA)

Research that addresses real-world challenges and seeks to improve people’s lives is the focus of the University of Notre Dame Australia’s new University Research Strategy 2023-26.

Pro-Vice Chancellor Research Aron Murphy said the strategy sets an ambitious goal for the university to become as renowned for its research over the next four years as it is for its teaching. 

“The strategy signals that our university must ‘breathe with two lungs’, which refers to the important dual functions of teaching and research,” Professor Murphy said. 

“While we have solid foundations, we believe we there is much more that we can do to build a strong and ethical research culture which has at its heart a desire to make our world a better place. 

“Importantly, this strategy also articulates the research culture to which we aspire, how we will work together with our partners to change lives, and how we will measure our performance.” 

The strategy defines three research themes: good lives, exceptional care and strong communities. It also sets out key priorities, including investing in people, building on existing strengths, partnering for impact, and enhancing the research environment .

“As a Catholic university, our aim is to challenge the view that research is worthwhile only when it results in technological innovation, commercial gain, and other commonly accepted metrics,” Professor Murphy said. 

“Our research will seek to enable people to flourish by improving their quality of life and dignity. A key way we will do that is by developing global partnerships with organisations that share our values and our desire to serve the common good.” 


Notre Dame launches new Research Strategy (UNDA)