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The ePetition is availble on the NSW Parliament website (Supplied)

A petition to raise awareness about palliative care and restore funding in New South Wales has already collected more than 3600 signatures. Source: Broken Bay News.

In the last State budget, $150 million of allocated funding was slashed from palliative and end-of-life care – down from $450 million.

At the same time, $97 million of new funding was allocated to support the implementation and operation of Voluntary Assisted Dying.

Liberal MLC Susan Carter said she hopes the number of signatures on the petition will double by the time it closes in April and is presented to the NSW Parliament.

“This petition is designed to indicate to the Government just how strongly citizens feel about the need to maintain support and true palliative care for those facing death, “ Ms Carter said.

“The cuts in funding are cruel and will have a major impact on how people in this state are able to face death, especially in regional areas.

“The NRMA recently achieved 20,000 signatures on a petition to double booze buses.

“I am hoping we can do at least as well to support the dying.”

The link to the ePetition is here.

Conducted by the Parliament of NSW, the data of those signing remains with the Parliament and is not available for any other purpose.


Petition to restore funding for palliative care gains momentum (Broken Bay News)