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Brisbane Deacon Chad Hargrave is illuminated by a ray of light at St Stephen’s Cathedral (The Catholic Leader/Alan Edgecomb)

If you have been to a big event at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane in the past decade then chances are you have seen photographer Alan Edgecomb. Source: The Catholic Leader.

He has been the man behind the camera since 2009 and his photos have graced the front page of countless editions of The Catholic Leader.

This year, as part of the cathedral’s 150th year anniversary celebrations, Mr Edgecomb is holding an exhibition of 66 photographs from the past 15 years. He said the 66 photos were distilled from a collection of thousands.

He wanted the photos to tell a true story about the cathedral and about the space, showing it from a new perspective.

“None of the photographs are Photoshopped,” he said. “None of it is posed, it’s all candid. What you see is what it was; it’s as it happened.”

Going back through photos since 2009, he said there were so many highlights but two stood out for him in particular – multicultural Masses and ordinations.

He said the multicultural Mass brings so much for a photographer to work with and he has loved being able to capture the joy of people expressing their cultures.

As for ordinations, he said, he has enjoyed capturing the men as they go through the sacred moments of their ordination and watching them grow in their ministries in the years after.

The Benedictus exhibition is being held from March 15 to 22 in the St Stephen’s Cathedral precinct, Brisbane.


Seeing St Stephen’s Cathedral from a new perspective (By Joe Higgins, The Catholic Leader)