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Among the funding announcements welcomed by the St Vincent de Paul Society was $73 million for homelessness services. (Bigstock)

The St Vincent de Paul Society has contacted leading ministers in the Albanese Government to commend them for driving policy change and financial commitments aimed at improving the wellbeing of many Australians who continue to struggle with daily demands.

St Vincent de Paul Society national president Mark Gaetani said it was heartening to see recent funding announcements made for Homelessness Services ($73 million) and the Financial Wellbeing and Capability program ($114.8m and $14.4m in 2023-24), which includes emergency relief.

“We called for this funding in our 2024 pre-budget submission,” Mr Gaetani said.

He said the St Vincent de Paul Society was also pleased to see the Prime Minister announce additional funding for Closing the Gap initiatives, especially ongoing funding for community-led justice reinvestment programs and funding to increase remote housing, a move which he said aligned with Vinnies’ advocacy position on First Nations Peoples.

“We have written to Minister Collins and Minister Rishworth to express gratitude on behalf of the many Australians who have been seeking our assistance in ever increasing numbers. 

However, Mr Gaetani said, Much still needs to be done to create the fairer society we have been asking for”.

He said key areas requiring urgent budgetary action include:

  • Addressing the root cause of poverty by increasing income support payments. There is widespread acceptance of this priority
  • Increasing Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 25 per cent and reviewing the program. Almost 44 per cent of low-income households renting privately are in rental stress
  • Offering people seeking asylum fair treatment and an adequate safety net while awaiting visa determination
  • Funding of the Status Resolution Support Services Program must be increased
  • Funding to support finalisation and implementation of A Better Deal for Renters.


Society welcomes reforms that align with its priorities (St Vincent de Paul Society)