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Archbishop Gabriele Caccia speaks at the UN Security Council. (Vatican Media)

The Holy See has reiterated its urgent call for the effective protection of those who face greater risks during conflict, including aid and health care workers, religious, journalists, displaced persons, women, children, and persons with disabilities. Source: Vatican News.

Speaking on Wednesday at an open debate of the UN Security Council in New York, marking the 25th anniversary of UN Resolution 1265, the Vatican Permanent Observer Archbishop Gabriele Caccia said the protection of civilians is more urgent than ever.

Archbishop Caccia said in modern warfare no place is a safe haven for civilians. Schools, hospitals and places of worship have become “devastating targets, disproportionately affecting the lives of the innocent and defenceless”.

The Vatican observer called for the particular protection of places of worship in conflict zones, noting that these sites are not merely places of prayer, but also serve as places of assistance and protection for those in need.

He reiterated the Holy See’s calls for the cessation of production, stockpiling, and use of indiscriminate weapons, such as landmines, cluster munitions and explosive weapons in populated areas. 


Holy See urges effective protection of civilians in warzones (By Lisa Zengarini, Vatican News)