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Videos to show rites and rituals of Japan’s ‘hidden Christians’

Descendants of Japanese Christians who endured persecution in the 17th to 19th centuries have launched an initiative to showcase traditional Christian rites and rituals, which they say are forgotten due to declining followers and modernisation. Source: UCA News.

Asia Disability

Japanese service provider ‘mandated’ sterilisation for people with disabilities

Authorities in Japan have ordered local officials to investigate the alleged forced sterilisation of people with disabilities following reports of malpractice by disability care service providers. Source: UCA News.

Asia Persecution

Christian persecution at highest level in 30 years

The persecution of Christians is at its highest point in three decades, according to the latest report from international advocacy group Open Doors. Source: The Tablet.

Asia History

Historians discover 17th-century Japanese letter to Pope

A research team from Japan has discovered a letter from 17th-century Japanese Catholics to Pope Paul V, making it the first artifact of its kind found outside the Vatican. Source: UCA News.

Asia Vatican

We must be realistic on engagement with China: Vatican official

An official who works in the Vatican office overseeing mission territories in Asia, Africa and the developing world says the Church must be “realistic” in its engagement with authoritarian governments, such as in China and Vietnam. Source: Crux.


Bishops to take ‘new pathways’ to help make a better Asia

Catholic bishops in Asia have committed themselves to engage with governments, non-governmental agencies and civil organisations to respond to issues affecting the Church and society in their work for a better Asia. Source: Crux.


Church leaders call for inquiry after Seoul stampede

Catholic bishops in South Korea expressed sorrow and offered prayers for 154 people who died in a stampede during Halloween celebrations in Seoul. Source: UCA News.

Asia Vatican

Cardinal Tagle defends Vatican-China deal

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has defended the Vatican’s decision to renew its provisional agreement with China on the appointment of bishops. Source: CNA.