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Canon Law HIgher Education

Canon law studies resume after COVID break 

Australian theological institute BBI-TAITE is again welcoming faculty from Saint Paul University Ottawa to teach units in the licentiate in canon law, after the face-to-face program had been suspended due to COVID-19.

Canon Law Eastern Rite

Pope revises penal law of Eastern Catholic Churches

In a new Apostolic Letter issued motu proprio, Pope Francis has revised the penal law of the Eastern Churches, harmonising some aspects of the Eastern discipline with that of the Latin Church, while preserving the distinctive features of Eastern law. Source: Vatican News.

Canon Law Global Church

Pope Francis extends time to appeal dismissal from consecrated life

Pope Francis has amended canon law to give members of institutes of consecrated life more time to appeal a dismissal. Source: CNA.

Canon Law United States

British come to priest’s rescue in US canon law dispute

A popular canon law website will continue to offer its content to the public despite fears that it would have to shut down because of a copyright dispute over its English translation of the Church’s Code of Canon Law. Source: CNA.