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WA review rules out euthanasia for people with dementia

A review of Western Australia’s euthanasia laws has ruled out altering eligibility rules, despite the current and former premiers flagging support for access for people with dementia. Source: The West Australian.


Document helps those accompanying Catholics considering euthanasia

Australia’s Catholic bishops have released a new document to guide priests, chaplains and pastoral workers who are asked to provide pastoral support to Catholics who are considering euthanasia. Source: ACBC Media Blog.


MP launches bid to allow telehealth appointments about euthanasia

Independent MP Kate Chaney will push to amend federal laws that ban telecommunications services from being used to incite suicide, so that patients can access voluntary euthanasia appointments via telehealth. Source: The Guardian.

Euthanasia Opinion

Euthanasia has perpetuated our fear of death

One of the most unfortunate aspects of the euthanasia debate is the lack of nuance about the important issue of palliative care, write Simon Cowan and Jessica Borbasi. Source: Canberra Times. 


Proposed laws would give nurses green light to discuss euthanasia with patients

Nurses, social workers and counsellors will be able to initiate discussions about euthanasia with terminally ill people in the ACT, under what will be the most liberal framework in the country if enshrined into law. Source: The Australian.


ACT euthanasia laws would be country’s most permissive

The ACT is set to introduce the most liberal euthanasia laws in Australia, with no need for a predicted time of death for terminally ill patients to access the scheme. Source: The Australian.


ACT euthanasia bill will not include teenagers

The ACT will not make voluntary euthanasia available to teenagers in its upcoming bill as the work required would be too complex for what would be an “extremely low uptake”. Source: Canberra Times.


Queensland man took euthanasia substance prescribed for his wife

The death of an elderly man who took a voluntary euthanasia substance prescribed for his terminally-ill wife is being investigated by Queensland health authorities. Source: ABC News.

Europe Euthanasia

France postpones euthanasia bill until after papal stopover 

France appears set to legalise assisted suicide but will delay the presentation of its new end-of-life bill until after Pope Francis visits Marseille this week. Source: The Tablet.