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Parties commit to conscience vote on NT euthanasia bill

If a bill to legalise euthanasia was presented to the Northern Territory Parliament today, only 40 per cent of NT politicians would actively support it. Source: NT News.


Church will ‘not condone’ scare tactics in NT euthanasia debate

Darwin Bishop Charles Gauci maintains the Church will “not condone” actions that corrupt debate around the proposed legalisation of euthanasia in the Northern Territory. Source: NT News. 


Legalising euthanasia in NT could ‘further marginalise’ Indigenous communities

Darwin Bishop Charles Gauci has raised concerns that introducing voluntary euthanasia in the Northern Territory without addressing existing inequalities could “further marginalise” Indigenous communities. Source: The Australian.


NT surveys public support on euthanasia for mentally ill 

Northern Territory Labor is surveying whether there is public support for allowing people to access euthanasia because of mental illness, prompting concerns the Government is considering offering vulnerable patients “death instead of the support they need”. Source: The Australian.

Euthanasia Politics

New push to legalise telehealth consultations on euthanasia 

Independent MP Kate Chaney is calling on the federal Parliament to back her push to overturn a ban on telehealth consultations for people wanting to access voluntary euthanasia services. Source: ABC News.


ACT health system readies for voluntary euthanasia

A taskforce to help prepare the ACT’s health system for voluntary euthanasia will be established by the Barr Government. Source: Canberra Times. 


Victoria’s euthanasia review to exclude expansion

A review of Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying laws has ruled out expanding the scheme to people with dementia and letting doctors initiate conversations about euthanasia with the terminally ill. Source: The Age.


South Australian figures show 110 people used euthanasia to end their lives

Figures released by the South Australian Government yesterday revealed 110 terminally ill patients accessed voluntary euthanasia in the scheme’s first 12 months. Source: InDaily.


ACT urged to boost palliative care funding before euthanasia becomes available

Calvary Health Care and the Australia New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine have urged the ACT to strengthen palliative care funding before Canberrans can access voluntary euthanasia. Source: Canberra Times.