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‘Distressing’ push to train medical students in euthanasia

Former Australian Medical Association national vice-president Stephen Parnis has expressed “serious” concern about the “distressing” push to train student doctors in euthanasia as part of their university degrees. Source: The Australian.


ACT may consider euthanasia for under 18s

The ACT Government is open to considering whether voluntary euthanasia could be available to older teenagers. Source: Canberra Times.

Euthanasia Health

Accompanying the dying paramount for Catholic health providers

As voluntary assisted dying laws came into effect in South Australia this week, Catholic Health Australia has reiterated the focus of its members on “healing and accompanying the dying through excellent end-of-life care”. Source: The Southern Cross.


Queensland’s deputy premier urges UK to pass euthanasia laws

Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles has written to British MPs urging them to back euthanasia laws for the terminally ill. Source: The Australian.


Catholic priests might deny sacraments in euthanasia cases

Terminally ill people who end their lives with voluntary euthanasia could be denied the last rites when Queensland becomes the fourth state to operate a right-to-die program on January 1. Source: The Australian.

Euthanasia Northern Territory

Northern Territory Government won’t rush to introduce euthanasia laws

The Northern Territory Government will not commit to legislating for voluntary euthanasia before the 2024 election. Source: NT News.


Fly-in fly-out euthanasia squads immoral: Bishop Harris

Townsville Bishop Tim Harris has called on the Queensland Government to rescind a decision to fund doctors flying to regional parts of the state to help terminally ill patients end their lives. Source: The Catholic Leader.


Chief Minister says euthanasia could become law in ACT by 2024

The ACT’s Chief Minister Andrew Barr says voluntary euthanasia could be made lawful in the territory by the end of 2024. Source: Canberra Times.


Territory governments regain right to make euthanasia laws

Laws restricting the ACT and Northern Territory from legislating on voluntary euthanasia have been repealed after more than two decades in place. Source: The Australian.