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First Nations

Another Catholic voice supports ‘Yes’ vote

Catholic Social Services Australia has expressed its support for the “Yes” vote in the upcoming referendum to constitutionally enshrine an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

First Nations Politics

Albanese open to concessions on Voice to Parliament

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has flagged changing the draft constitutional amendment for a Voice to Parliament so it cannot make representations to executive government. Source: The Australian.

First Nations Liturgy Reflection

Remembering the first Australian Aboriginal Liturgy

It was at the Melbourne Myer Music Bowl on February 24, 1973, when many of us heard a strong and joyful Aboriginal voice for the very first time. Many voices, in fact, writes Fr Brian McCoy SJ. Source: Eureka Street.

First Nations Interfaith Politics

Religious leaders unite to urge support for Voice

A coalition of religious organisations has sent a joint letter to MPs warning that future generations of Australians “will not forgive us” if the Indigenous Voice to Parliament fails at the referendum. Source: The Australian.

First Nations

Archbishop Coleridge committed to an Indigenous Voice

Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge has spoken out in support of creating an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, ahead of a referendum on the subject due later this year. Source: The Catholic Leader.

Families First Nations Social Services

MacKillop Family Services releases second Reconciliation Action Plan

MacKillop Family Services has launched its second Reconciliation Action Plan, coinciding with the 15th anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations.

First Nations

Government unveils $424m Closing the Gap plan

The Albanese Government has acknowledged there has been an “enormous failure” in attempts to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, as it unveiled a new plan to address First Nations’ disadvantage. Source: ABC News.

First Nations Opinion

Apology helps frame conversation about Voice 

Today’s 15th anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations will help frame the conversation about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum, writes Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ. Source: Catholic Outlook.

First Nations Politics

Burney says Indigenous voice will not be in national cabinet

Indigenous Australians Minister Linda Burney has declared there will be no “permanent seat” for the Voice at national cabinet. Source: The Australian.