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Albanese Government urged to permanently end offshore detention

The Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum says the 10-year anniversary of the Rudd Government’s decision to resume offshore processing for asylum-seekers who arrive by boat is a sombre occasion.

Gambling New South Wales

Independent MP’s push to fast-track gambling reforms

An independent New South Wales MP targeted by the gambling industry before the state election will attempt to fast-track cashless gambling into pubs and clubs ahead of a 12-month trial, insisting the evidence to back the technology already exists. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Aged Care Disability

Café serves up intergenerational fun for residents, trainees and children

A unique social enterprise café on Victoria’s surf coast has become a thriving community hub for aged care residents, trainees with disability and young customers. Source: VMCH.

Religious Orders

Visiting theologian to address Good Sams gathering

Theologian Dr Estela Padilla from the Philippines will address the Sisters of the Good Samaritan’s chapter gathering in Sydney next week.

Peace United States Vatican

Repatriating Ukrainian children papal envoy’s top priority in meeting with Biden

The top priority for Pope Francis’ peace envoy in his meeting with President Joe Biden was the repatriation of children forcibly deported from Ukraine to Russia, the papal nuncio to the US said. Source: NCR Online.

Legal Matters Vatican

Closing arguments begin in Vatican financial trial

The Vatican prosecutor insists his indictments of 10 people, including a cardinal, for alleged financial crimes held up under two years of testimony, criticism and defence motions, as he began closing arguments in a trial that exposed the unseemly financial underbelly of the Holy See. Source: AP.

Health Politics

Call for Senate to investigate ‘undemocratic’ takeover of Calvary Hospital 

Events surrounding the compulsory acquisition of Calvary Public Hospital do not inspire trust in the ACT Government and an inquiry would assist in restoring trust, a submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs has said. Source: Catholic Voice.

World Youth Day

Large Australian contingent starts long journey to Lisbon

The more than 3000 Australian pilgrims who will attend World Youth Day in Portugal have started leaving the country, with groups also preparing to visit key holy sites in the Middle East and Europe. Source: ACBC Media Blog.

First Nations Politics

Craven furious after being quoted in Voice to Parliament No pamphlet

Constitutional lawyer and prominent Yes campaigner Greg Craven says he’s “beside myself with rage” after one of his quotes criticising the Government’s preferred model for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament was used in the official No pamphlet. Source: The Australian.